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File extensions defined in ZXVGS

Origin of definitions:

new for ZXVGS needs
backward compatibility
from outside of ZX world

Possible operations:

file can be loaded by RSX,
data from file can be loaded by RSX,
ZXVGS can run such file,
file can be used to load/save screen.
extension origin operation description
$B old run Hobeta TR-DOS file - BASIC
$C old - Hobeta TR-DOS file - CODE
$T old - Hobeta TR-DOS file - text
$W old - Hobeta TR-DOS file - text
ACH old - snapshot file (???)
BA2 new - BASIC program, allows TOS A.2 instructions
header (0,len,start,prog,line)
for all BASIC programs
BD1 new - BASIC program, allows DISCiPLE/+D instructions
BI1 new - BASIC program, allows Interface 1 instructions
BLK old data tape simulation for Sinclair 2.0 emulator, see TAP.RZX
BJR new - BASIC program, allows ELWRO 800 Junior instructions, see ".PRG"
BMP other - picture file
BZX new load BASIC program with simple disk instructions, see BZX.RZX
COD old - like ".CZX", but with 17B tape compatibile header
COM other - CP/M program
CZX new data, screen CODE file
header (3,len,start,#FFFF,#FFFF)
DAT old - binary file without header
DSK old - diskimage of ZX+3 or SAM or ???
DZX new data numeric or string array
header (1,len,start,name,#FFFF)
header (2,len,start,name,#FFFF)
FDI old - TR-DOS diskimage
GIF other - picture file
GRP other - picture file (from MSX), multicolor mode
GZX new data, screen GENS3 source file
HC new - HiSoft C source file
HP new - HiSoft Pascal (HP4S, HP4T) source file
HRS old - hires laced (512?384) screen
IFF other - picture file
JPG other - picture file
MDR old - Microdrive media image (see "Z80" emulator description)
MLT old - multicolor screen data (used by MB-02)???
NEL old - NeOS library
NEX old - NeOS program
PCX other - picture file
PRG old - like ".BJR", but with 17B tape compatibile header
PTX old - Prometheus assembler surce code
RAW old data, screen see ".CZX", usually 48kB from #4000
ROM other data, screen contents for ROM chips; no header, length always is multiply of 128B
RZX new - Resident System Extension of ZXVGS
header (14,len,start,codelen,rsxflags)
SCL old run store archive of TR-DOS files
SCR old data, screen screen file without header (direct screen memory contents)
SEM old - snapshot file (???)
SIT old - snapshot file (???)
SLT old - snapshot file (with levels loaded via #ED #FB opcode), see SLT.RZX
SNA old - snapshot file, see SNA.RZX
SNX old - snapshot file (???)
SP old - snapshot file for "ZX Spectrum" emulator, see SP.RZX
SPC old - tape simulation (???)
SV? new - state of game or configuration with user description;
usually "SV0".."SV9" and "SV@" for high scores
header (13,len,start,namelen,restlen)
SZX new data, screen screen file (includes screen mode)
TAP old data tape simulation (see "Z80" emulator description)
TRD old - TR-DOS diskimage
TXT other - text files (the RSX can convert line separators)
TZX old - tape simulation (see "X128" emulator description)
UDG new data, screen UDG patterns
header (3, #00A8,start,#FFFF,#FFFF)
VFL new - ZXVGS icons for files in current directory
VGS new - ZXVGS program (ZXVGSC3+ compression), except "VGS.VGS" name
VOC other - tape simulation (see "X128" emulator description)
Vnn new - ZXVGS program or overlay, ZXVGSC1 or ZXVGSC2 compression; nn=00..99
ZX old - snapshot file 49486B for KGB emulator
Z80 old run, screen snapshot file (see "Z80" emulator description)
ZX8 old - snapshot file (Specculator'97), ".ZX82" suffix in fact
ZXS old - ZX32 emulator file
ZXT new - text file (line separator ^M, end of file: ^@)

Structure of files "*.BZX", "*.CZX", "*.DZX", is the same. Also files "*.GZX", "*.HC", "*.HP".

Two byte numbers in headers (start, len, prog) are in L, H order. This doesn't refer compressed files.

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