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ZXVGS versions (implementations)


ZXATASP - see http://home.sol.se/amiga/. Uses memory banks 0 to 3. No hardware changes required.

MB2 – MB-02

Uses memory banks 5 to 7. The 1804kB disk has CP/M structure. No hardware changes required.

PEN – Pentagon 512kB

Dedicated mostly for tests on emulators: X128, R80 i ZX_EMUL. Drives Kempston Mouse.Uses disks in phisical format as TR-DOS 640kB, but in logical format of CP/M for Scorpion.

Unpack the "ZX???PEN" archiwe into emulator directory then execute "ZXVGSPEN.BAT" script. The emulator is recognized by the script.

P3M – ZX Spectrum +3

Uses drives of ZX+3 (also 3.5") and disks in CPM22QED formats. Also can drive a hard disk (e.g. via YAMOD.ATBUS board or 8255). The original PLUS3DOS is removed.

To run on real hardware some internal changes are required. The original ROMs should be replaced with EPROM and SRAM, each 32kB. As the ULA selects the internal ROMs only for reading, an extra circuit must be build for the SRAM to work properly. It is possible also to install ZXVGS on ZX Spectrum +3 using an external interface. To use a 3.5" drive an impulse diode must be placed between /MOTOR (K) and /READY (A) signals (as most of 3.5" drives doesn't provide /READY signal).

To run this version on emulator, the ROM2 and ROM3 banks must be write-enabled. At this moment it is possible only on XZX 2.9.0 emulator that requires some modifications (modified source files are included in the archive). Use the QTRANS.EXE to make a diskimage for emulator - provide as parameter the name of directory with files (this will be also the name of ".DSK" file). You can place in the directory any file you want to be copied onto CPM22QED diskimage file. For real hardware use CPDWRITE.EXE to copy the diskimage on real disk (includes formatting).

PLD – Plus D

Uses disks in CPM22QED formats.

SAM – Sam Coupé

Uses CPM22QED system for driving disks. ZXVGS can be started form command line by "ZXVGSSAM". As a parameter can be provided the file to run under ZXVGS. Drives the original Sam Mouse.

SCO – ZS Scorpion (ROM)

Uses memory extension (512kB) and fast clock mode of CPU.

TMX – Timex Interface (TI-of-TTL)

Version dedicated to an interface that works like the Timex Interface M-397, usually used to connect Timex FDD 3000. The new interface has expanded memory and is used to connect a second computer works as file server. The second computer can be not only Timex FDD 3000 - with special cable Amiga or PC can be connected via parallel port. ZXVGS can also use the mouse connected to the server computer.

To run file server software:

UPB – Unipolbrit Komputer 2086 (Timex Computer 2068)

This version can work with external server (see TMX version) or with mass memory connected directly (including FLASH EPROM cardridge).

WRJ – Warajevo 2.51 emulator

This is the support version for real hardware versions. Provides access to host filesystem from emulation level.

Unpack the "ZX???WRJ" archive then copy the "ZXVGS" subdirectory to root of disk C:. To run the ZXVGS execute ZXVGSWRJ.BAT script.

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