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ZXVGS description


ZXVGS is an operating system for ZX Spectrum compatibile computers. It is available for wide range of hardware. If you want to make some tests or use ZXVGS get the recent releases from the download page. The ZXVGS inludes also CP/M compatible system called CPM22QED that is often used as filesystem (until the next generation filesystem is implemented...).

ZXVGS is now freeware

But if you want to be a registered ZXVGS user write to zx@yarek·com. You can also have a look to registered users list.


ZXVGS always has its own memory, that isn't available from ZX Spectrum level. So the memory avaiable for programs (both in ZX Spectrum 48kB and 128kB) isn't limited.


Software for ZXVGS are stored in files of ".V00" (two zeros) extensions. An extensions with "V" and digits different from zeros are overlays for the programs. There are two programs with special purpose: ZXVGS can also run software from other file types - it can emulate TR-DOS or Interface 1. It is made with the Resident System Extensions (RSX). The RSX is a short code loaded into system memory that extends ZXVGS possibilities. As a disk file it has the ".RZX" extension.
The mostly used RSXes are the ones to drive special file formats (e.g. "*.Z80" i "*.TAP") - in this case the name of RSX is made from file extension (e.g. "Z80.RZX"). Those RSXes can load data from such files or run software contained in them. See also the list of files defined in ZXVGS.

If you want to write a program for ZXVGS, you should read about functions available from machine code. Many informations, especially concerning particular hardware versions you can read in releases history.

Using the ZXVGS

Please take a look on short ZXVGS guide.

There are two mail lists where you can talk about ZXVGS with other ZX Spectrum users.

CPM22QED description


CPM22QED is an operating system for Z80 computers, compatibile to CP/M 2.2 and partly to CP/M Plus. If you want to make some tests or use CPM22QED get the recent releases from the download page.

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